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Images are crucial to effective webpages

Adding images and photos to pages and posts adds appeal, a chance for SEO Photographs are so important to a website. Their importance cannot be understated. Images are crucial.
Even the most mundane image will spice up a gray page of text and make it more appealing. Why? Because the human brain wants to look at images and use them to understand what the text is talking about.
For example I recently wrote a blog entry about “cookie cutter” websites and how they are not always right for customers. So what did I use to spice up the page — a graphic of those cute little metal cookie cutters we’ve all used to make Christmas cookies. Very simple but effective!
Images are probably the most important items where a client can influence what the final website looks like. For example a company that sells boats is likely to have many, many photos of, well, boats! And those are the boats that they are going to want to sell.
Of course, a web designer can put many bells and whistles on the website to draw the customers’ attention to various items. But ultimately it’s the boats — the product the company has to sell — that customers are going to look for first.       Why spend time on a fishing boat website when they want a racing boat? Or why look at pontoon boats when they are wanting to purchase a tri-hull boat?
Images make or break a website. Period!
So if you are wanting a web designer — we sincerely hope you pick Unicorn Web Development! — you will bring many images that we can work with to make your website pop with great visuals.

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