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Stay vigilant to keep hackers at bay

Stay vigilant against hackers

Stay vigilant against hackersHackers are in the national headlines more and more these days. They are stealing identities and reaching into people’s digital wallets with discomforting regularity. Even the federal government with all its financial resources can’t seem to stop determined hackers from getting into super sensitive areas and causing havoc.

What are small business owners supposed to do? That’s an interesting question and one that can’t be fully answered right now. On the one hand, you have to admit it’s a bit exciting living in the “Dodge City” days of the Internet. There’s barroom brawls and even some gunfights in the streets that sure keep things lively. But the good townspeople want the town to settle down so that everyone can feel safe and their personal possessions protected from the outlaws looking for every opportunity to steal. Just like Matt Dillion in “Gunsmoke,” the good guys are doing the best they can but the outlaws at times are managing to stay one step ahead of him and Festus.

This analogy isn’t to make light of hacking. Rather it’s to show sometimes we have to wait for mankind to get control of its newest inventions. To use the Gunsmoke analogy, the script is still being written!

In the meantime, though, everyone needs to be careful on the web. If you are a small business owner with a website, diligence is your best friend. Check it often to make sure hackers haven’t targeted you or your customers; ask visitors to your website to report any strange activity that could signal hackers have attached some kind of malware; and invest in the best possible anti-hacking software available to alert you if the bad guys come calling on your website or computer network.

If you have any concerns about your website or other online accounts, contact Unicorn Web Development for information about the most current efforts available to ward off hackers.

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