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SEO is so important in Goggle searches

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO- Search Engine OptimizationYou see this Web-related term from time to time but may not know what it means. SEO stands for search engine optimization — and it’s a process that is very important to anyone with a website.

Now you may think all that SEO stuff was done at the time your website was built and that’s the end of it. Not a chance! Google is constantly updating its SEO processes, to the tune of 600 times a year, and that means your website could drop out of the Google rankings.

Here are some reasons from why your SEO could be off-base:

  • Unclaimed local business listings – being listed in as many legitimate local directories is key.
  • Inadequate website content – many websites lack important content that search engines (and people) need to understand what the business is all about.
  • Poorly optimized content – there are many nuances when it comes to writing web content – Google compares the words and phrases used in search queries are compared against the content of web pages, blog posts, and articles to find the best match. Many websites: don’t have enough content, are optimized for the wrong words, or are using outdated tactics.
  • Outdated or unethical SEO practices – more than a few websites have practically vanished from search results due to practices that violate Google’s rules and best practices. Unfortunately it’s all too common, fortunately you can reclaim visibility in search results.

Now here are some tips on reviving those SEO processes:

  • Invest in an independent website audit and review – what you don’t know could be hurting you.
  • Invest in training for yourself or someone in your business – it’s important for you to understand the basics.
  • Invest in ongoing search engine optimization efforts – it’s not a one and done.

Unicorn Web Development is well-versed on SEO practices, can fully explain why their important and best of all, we can tune your website so its SEO is A-OK. Give us a call!

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