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Why DIY when we can DIFY correctly?

diy_difyThis blog post is going to seem very self-serving and I have to admit — IT IS!

As the headline confers, this is about the dangers of doing your own website and how it could cause you problems that could linger or worsen over time if not adequately corrected. Now you — as a person interested in websites and the Internet but in all likelihood not an IT professional — should look at this information, just like everything on the web, and decide if it speaks to your situation or not. There’s no one-size-fits-all on the web; no off the rack. Everyone’s is a bit different.

In the case of do-it-yourself (DIY) websites I have to admit there are some advantages we web designers struggle to overcome. Numero Uno is price! There are a zillion sites out there that make it relatively easy to built a basic website and then walk you you through the process to get it published. If you’re interested in those, check them out. But this is my blog so we won’t waste any more time on them! 🙂

Instead I want to point out some of the negatives — significant negatives! — of DIY that Unicorn Web Development will help you avoid. In fact one of my compatriots at, put it this way:

“What scares me about people building websites themselves using DIY tools, WordPress included is that they are missing information that is critical to their on-line success, particularly when it comes to being found on Google. There’s little awareness of how important the actual structure of a  website is, most people don’t really understand the importance of content and what “good content” means.

“But most of all there are so many misunderstandings about how search engines work and the reality is that it’s getting more and more sophisticated and complicated to understand. Most of the business owners I talk with either have no understanding of how search engines work or they have just enough information to be dangerous.”

The bottom line folks is a fancy DIY website does you no good if CUSTOMERS CAN’T FIND IT! We at Unicorn are here to make sure they do. At the same time, we can walk you through email marketing strategies, website merchandising, online stores, search engine optimization (SEO) and even let you fiddle with some of the website html if you like so you get a full understanding of what makes your website tick.

So, if you don’t get anything else from this post know this — DIY at your own risk. Or hire a profession who will DIFY — do it for you! — and do it right.

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